Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Obviously I'm dead

What else is there to say after such a long absence.  I mean, every blogger of this side of the  universe comes to a point where the more time you take to write your next blog entry ... the more painful it becomes.  So to the reader who isn't aware of my inner life, it's basically down to two things: I'm either not interested in writing anymore, or I'm dead.  Therefore the title.

I've got an article coming about the Triadex Muse.  Hope to to make it available soon.  But most importantly, I wanted to use the blog for two main reasons.

The first was that I thought I had things to say that might be of interest.

The second was to give me some kicks in the butt and have a window to show some of my work.  

So far, you haven't heard any musical work from me.  A partial failuire.  So I have to kick myself harder.  It's gonna hurt.

Ok, so what's the point of posting if it's just to say: hey, I'm posting?  None.  So I'll leave you my opinion on the current news:

Please, I'm gonna puke.  This tools serves one purpose: use Ableton Live like Ableton and Akai think you should use it.  A dedicated hardware for a software is for me like a total nightmare.  Have these people heard about Monome?  Someone please tell them.  We want OPEN, O-P-E-N, OOOPPPEEENNN hardware!!!  Geee.  Ok, now you can send me one for free so that I can change my mind ;-)

Ok.  Whatever.  Like if the world was missing yet another DAW.  It seems that software companies are like artists.  They are innovative it their first years, then they seem to stick to what people expect of them, and then they start to do stuff that nobody cares about.

Ok, so nobody is talking about this one, yet I find it to be one of the most refreshing host to see the day for a while.  Great fun to use, very flexible and lot's of user feedback thrown in.  More on it later.

Not really new, but I just tried it.  And loved it.  Might even buy it.  I've got quite a few softsynths already, so I try not to buy any new ones, but this one is very tempting.  There's a few things about its modulation that I'm not quite sure, but it's worth investigating.  A serious piece of software.  Looks very creative.  A rare thing.

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